What to build for your MVP Remake web app 🤔

Projects that are a good fit for Remake:

(Any app whose primary purpose is leting users build and modify pages)

Projects that are not a good fit for Remake:

(Any app the requires complex computation, real-time data across users, or collaboration)

  • A twitter-like social network (e.g. teachers sharing lesson plan ideas)

  • A 2D/3D arcade game (especially if it’s real-time or multiplayer)

  • A game board maker for multiple users (e.g. https://roll20.net/)

  • An app that converts Google Sheets or Airtable into a website or API

  • A newsletter builder (requires support for sending emails)

  • An analytics platform (e.g. https://usefathom.com/)

  • Calendar / event planning app (requires support for calendars and dates)

  • An chat bot or messaging service (e.g. https://discord.com/)

  • An email client (e.g. https://hey.com/)

  • A patreon clone

  • An Airbnb patreon clone

  • A calculator (requires multiple levels or reactive variables)

To build these ideas, instead of using Remake, use one of these tools.

Amazing features Remake has:

  • Multiple users can login to your app and edit their own pages with their own unique data

  • You can have as much editable data on a single page as you want

  • Making a piece of data persistent is as simple as adding a single HTML attribute

  • Making a piece of data editable with an inline-edit popover is as simple as adding a single HTML attribute

  • Nesting pieces of data inside each other (e.g. creating a list of items) is as simple as nesting HTML elements

  • List items can link to other pages with their own nested data

  • Making a list of elements sortable is as simple as adding a single HTML attribute

  • Adding file uploading to your app requires adding just a couple HTML attributes

  • Creating a new route is as simple as creating a new HTML template

  • Deploying an app can be done with a single command on the command line

🤯❗️With Remake, all of these features are possible using only HTML and CSS!

Features Remake doesn’t have (yet):

  • Collaboration (two users editing the same data) — planned and highly requested

  • Social features (commenting, liking, voting, following) — planned

  • Searching and filtering content — planned

  • Anonymous form submissions — planned

  • Collecting recurring payments from your users — planned

  • Real-time updates across users/devices (if you make a change, someone on the same page won’t see it until they refresh the page) — planned

  • Custom domains for each of your users (we only have custom domain support for your top-level app right now) — planned

  • A reactive data model that can have lots of variables that depend on each other. It has only a single layer of reactivity using its "watch:" attributes

  • SMS or phone notifications

  • Ability to generate an RSS feed

Remake is open source so you can always build these features into Remake yourself.

Check out the Remake Roadmap 🛣 to see which features are coming next.

How to generate more app ideas:

Or ask yourself:

  • What problems do I run into at my job? Do other people see them as problems too? Can they be solved with a software product?

  • What was the last project I completed as a freelancer? Could that be productized into a service?

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